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We are located in the Main Island (Gran Roque) of National Park Archipelago Los Roques. For us living here guarantees a personal on site assistance for all our clients.

National Park Archipelago Los Roques

Location: Venezuela – Caribbean Sea.

Los Roques is the biggest coralline atoll in the south Caribbean sea, located in the very North Sea frontier of Venezuela with a surface area of approx. 2.251 km2, 42 keys, 300 small islets, and multiple living coral reefs. Turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, emerald lagoons protected by surrounding reef and mangroves, saltwater pools, prairies of marine herb and hundreds of sea species enrich this fragile marine oasis. The lack of malls, buildings, cars, pavement and spotlights makes this destination unique, where “less is more”, it’s hard to describe how beautiful it is, just nature, living colors and wild sea gardens.

Gran Roque

How to get there?

Travel 45 minutes (88 NM) from Caracas International airport (Maiquetia). There are only a few and small local airlines that fly to Los Roques, with small twin-prop planes crossing the dark blue to suddenly the turquoise calm sea paradise.

  • Notable: Establish National Park since 1972
  • Time difference: GMT-04: 30
  • Language: Spanish
  • Population: 1.500
  • Seasons: Wind season from January to July (15 to 21 knots average); low wind season from July to December (2 to 15 knots average)
  • Climate: Average air and water temperature all year around 29oC/84oF. Dry climate, it seldom rains.
  • Electricity and communication: 110 volts. There’s a cell tower on the island so most international phones will work.
  • Currency: Bolívar. Official exchange rate is Bsf 4,30 per Usd $1,00
  • Medical facilities: There’s a a small health facility, which can take care of small health issues, fever, stomachache, etc.
  • Other facilities: Bank, Restaurants and bars, Drug store, Cyber communication center / wi-fi, Market, Liquor store, Laundry service (provided by lodges) and Small souvenir shops.
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