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Los Roques is the biggest coralline atoll in the South Caribbean sea located at the very North Sea frontier of Venezuela with a surface area of approx. 700 km2, 42 keys, 300 small islets and multiple living coral reefs. Turquoise waters wrap white sandy beaches & emerald lagoons protected by surrounding reef and mangroves. Saltwater pools, prairies of marine herb and hundreds of marine species enrich this fragile marine oasis. The lack of buildings, cars and paved roads make this destination unique where “less is more”. It’s hard to describe its beauty, just nature and living colors becomes in lack of a better word, paradise.

Time difference: GMT – 4:00       Language: Spanish        Population: 1.500

Seasons: Wind Season from End of December to July (16 to 22 knots average) Many days within season 22 to 28 knots. Low wind season form end of July to Mid December (8 to 16 knots average)

Climate: Average air and water temperature all year around 29ºC/84ºF. Dry climate, it seldom rains.

Electricity & communications: 110volts. There is a Mobile phone tower antenna in the island so most international phones will work.

Currency: Venezuelan Bolivar / Many places take US Dollars

Medical Facilities: There is a small health facility that can take care of small health issues, fevers, stomachache, etc.

Other facilities: Bank, Restaurants and bar, Drug store, communication center, Wi-Fi, market, liquor store, Play los Roques Kite school and watersports center, Diving centers.



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Calle Principal N 6,

Casa Play, Gran Roque.

Territorio Insular

Francisco de Miranda, Archipiélago Los Roques


Av Francisco de Miranda

Torre Cavendes, Piso 2.

Oficina 204, Altamira



WhatsApp: +58 414 905 5557



Tel: +58 414 905 5557

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